Alan Thaxter

Vice President

Responsibilities: Alan is responsible for business development as well as professional oversight of his current block of business. Alan has a strong knowledge of all funding arrangements and contribution strategies. Alan has a passion for the analysis of the trends, drivers (and outliers) of employee benefits programs. Alan is a strong advocate for his clients with a reputation of driving renewals down. Burnham Benefits offers his clients “Best in Class” resources with an emphasis on technology and communications while bringing more value to benefits programs.

Industry Experience: Since September 1981

Education: San Jose State University and California State University Fresno

Duration at Burnham: Since May 2019

Notable Quality/Achievement in the Benefits Industry/Designations: Alan is a past Board member for the Central California Association of Health Underwriters as well as the California Association of Health Underwriters. He was recognized at the state level for his work on legislative issues. Alan has spoken extensively throughout California on such topics as “The Role of the Consultant in Employee Benefits” and “Ethical Decisions and the Benefits Consultant”

Personal Interests: Alan’s main interests include his family, his grandchildren, current events and ancient Rome. Alan is an avid fly-fisherman and enjoys working in his woodshop.