Carmen Ayala

Account Executive

Responsibilities: Carmen is responsible for account management activities including renewal marketing analysis, benchmarking, customized employee communications and open enrollment. She also facilitates bilingual meetings in Spanish/English. Carmen supports clients on matters pertaining to benefits technology and legislative compliance. She works closely with each of her accounts to ensure exemplary customer service.

Industry Experience: Since July 1994

Duration at Burnham: Since March 2011

Notable Quality/Achievement in the Benefits Industry/Designations: Carmen worked for a national brokerage firm as an account manager, and worked for many years on the insurance carrier side for both HealthNet and Kaiser. Carmen’s breadth of experience includes 20 years devoted to the health care industry. She is also bilingual in the Spanish/English languages and has years of experience translating benefits presentations and Q&A meetings conducted in Spanish. Carmen is a member of the Los Angeles Latino Chamber of Commerce (LALCC).

Personal Interests: Carmen enjoys cooking, baking, hiking, attending spin classes, and spending time with her adult son and family.