Chris Martin

Chief Growth Officer

Responsibilities: Chris’s core responsibilities include innovation, client acquisitions, strategic consulting, and corporate leadership. As chief growth officer, Chris focuses on both current and prospective clients, bringing new perspectives and insight to better serve them in a rapidly changing healthcare climate. He provides a degree of confidence in the growing healthcare and regulatory complexities that large enterprise clients face. Chris has 30 years of experience in the healthcare and insurance industry, including serving as president for a regional brokerage firm and as chief business development officer at a leading healthcare provider in onsite and near-site clinics and virtual primary care. He has a proven track record consulting with Fortune 500 companies across all verticals, developing teams, innovating products and services to more effectively manage population health and deploying data science to better understand and manage health risk.

Industry Experience: Since January 1993

Education: Bachelor of Science, University of Maryland; Executive Management Certificate, University of Pennsylvania

Duration at Burnham: Since September 2020

Personal Interests: Travel, Reading, Golf