Corey Colman


Responsibilities: Corey’s core responsibilities are attracting and retaining new clients. His passion is helping executive teams design dynamic solutions that break the cycle of unsustainable healthcare cost increases. To deliver these solutions, Corey partners with People Operations leaders as an extension of their team to solve compliance, wellness, and communications needs. Corey is best known for being radically ethical, problem-solving, and crafting outside-the-box solutions to clients’ evolving needs.

Industry Experience: Since December 2010

Duration at Burnham: Since February 2019

Personal Interests: Corey loves wrestling his three children, dates with his wife, and a well delivered “dad joke.” Passionate for investing in his community he volunteers as a chaplain at the county Juvenile Hall and a local senior care home. His family also provides short term hostings to children whose families are in crisis through the Safe Refuge organization.