Leslie Ouellette

Senior Director Communications

Responsibilities: Leslie manages, develops, and oversees benefit communication strategies to provide clients with a comprehensive array of creative services. Her objective is to communicate the details and value of the client's employer-provided benefits with materials that are tailored specifically to their benefits package and corporate culture, while meeting legal requirements for disclosure. Leslie's deliverables include employee benefit guides, open enrollment materials, wellness communications, and advertising and marketing campaigns for Burnham.

Industry Experience: Since May 1994

Duration at Burnham: Since January 2005

Notable Quality/Achievement in the Benefits Industry/Designations: Leslie has 20+ years of experience in benefits account management, strong conceptual skills, and is proficient in the Adobe Suite, as well as all Microsoft Office programs.

Personal Interests: Leslie enjoys yoga, hiking, mountain biking, music, and family time with her husband, twin boys and Chihuahua.