Raymond Tunnell

Senior Vice President and Partner

Responsibilities: Raymond is responsible for managing and developing client relationships, while providing strategic guidance to clients and fellow Burnham colleagues about risk strategies that preserve the value of our client’s benefit plans at costs significantly below all industry standards. Ray is an experienced health underwriter and has used his insider knowledge to create very stable costs over his entire career resulting in manageable healthcare trends under medical CPI (3.0% annually). Regarded as a self-insurance expert, he has helped many employers evaluate alternative funding strategies for long term success.

Industry Experience: Since 1991

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Economics from California State University, Fullerton

Duration at Burnham: Since October 2016

Notable Quality/Achievement in the Benefits Industry/Designations: Prior to joining Burnham, Raymond was the managing partner for a national employee benefits practice for 12 years. He took over a struggling office and immediately turned it into a profitable operation, while increasing revenue nearly 10 fold over his career.

Personal Interests: Ray always enjoys his time with family and friends, but, he also enjoys the solitude of a long weekend run to organize his thoughts and appreciate the beauty and strength that God has created for all of us.