Sara Corp


Responsibilities: Sara is an experienced benefits consultant proudly serving Northern California. She excels at building strategic partnerships and finding solutions to enhance continued successful business trends by sales strategies, client compliance, situational awareness, renewals, coordination of open enrollments, and ensuring proposed benefit programs meet the needs of the client and their employees. Strategic planning, marketing analysis, and professionals pave the way for Sara’s commitment to providing educational support involving wellness of the body and mind. Sara’s passion, loyalty, and industry expertise allow her to place business partners firmly on the path to success.

Industry Experience: Since March 1991

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies from California State University, Sacramento

Duration at Burnham: Since March 2016

Notable Quality/Achievement in the Benefits Industry/Designations: Sara believes in living each day by the Golden Rule.

Personal Interests: Sara enjoys spending time with her Honey, family, and friends. She enjoys traveling, whiskey tasting, baseball (San Francisco Giants), and playing Trivia.