ACA Consulting

ACA Pathways:
Helping you meet the challenges of health care reform.

ACA Pathways is an exclusive program designed by Burnham to help our clients navigate the changes that health care reform brings to the employee benefits landscape. The program offers a number of ways for employers to get ahead – and stay ahead – of the complex reform issues their organizations face since the passage of the Affordable Care Act.

Led by Burnham’s director of compliance, Richard Asensio, JD, the ACA Pathways program comprises the following suite of services to help keep your organization on track:

  • ACA Pathways E-Newsletters – These informative publications, delivered right to your email inbox, provide you with “need-to-know” health care reform compliance updates that are timely, concise and actionable.
  • HCR Seminars – These in-person seminars and online webinars help you approach your compliance strategy in a methodical, practical way, while gaining the support you need from executive management and other departments within your organization. They also help you think through the most effective ways to introduce changes to your employee population.
  • ACA Central Online – ACA Central is Burnham’s online portal that provides you convenient access to health care reform publications, relevant websites, tools and more.
  • ACA Pathways Consulting – Richard Asensio and Burnham’s Compliance Resource Team have designed a custom consulting program that takes into account all the particulars of your organization’s benefit strategy, HR goals, budget and employee population.

Burnham’s ACA Pathways services are an overlay to the already robust compliance work that we perform routinely, on behalf of every client. Beyond the Affordable Care Act lies a vast array of laws and regulations at the federal, state and sometimes municipal level, requiring proactive management. Learn more about Burnham’s full-spectrum employee benefits compliance services.