ACA Compliance

Proactive strategies for keeping you compliant

Every organization with an employee benefits program needs a trusted advisor and support system for keeping up with constantly changing HR, financial and insurance industry requirements and regulations.

Burnham’s Compliance Resource Team continually works to keep your benefits program and administration compliant with federal and state regulations, through the continual monitoring of legislative news databases for changes in regulations and timely communication of relevant changes to clients.

Burnham's Compliance Resources

Burnham helps shield your company from serious legal and financial risk through specialized resources and tools in use by our Compliance Resource Team. However, we also offer shared resources that your organization’s HR team can use independently or with guidance from your Burnham service team, including:

  • The Burnham Compliance Checklist, our proprietary tool for ensuring that your benefit plans and materials meet the latest regulatory requirements
  • Free client access to MyWave™, a personalized website offering valuable HR and benefits information, including: current COBRA, FMLA, HIPAA regulations; downloadable forms, legislative guides and FAQs; and more
  • Burnham webinars and newsletters, highlighting recent legislative changes and industry trends
  • Burnham’s ACA Central, offering a wealth of Affordable Care Act information to guide your health care reform-related decisions
  • Burnham’s exclusive ACA Pathways program, including our customized health care reform consulting service, e-newsletters, and other Affordable Care Act resources