In-house underwriting and benefits benchmarking make for smarter analytics

We strive to save your company money and arrive at the most appropriate benefit plan recommendations. To do this, we complement our professional expertise with an arsenal of research-based analyses unique to Burnham.

Underwriting and Actuarial Analysis

With our in-house analysts and our partnership with the nation’s premiere actuarial firm, we are able to underpin our plan design recommendations with hard data. The end result is a robust and efficient cost containment strategy that absolutely works.

Health Insurance Analytics Diagram

In-House Underwriting Department

With an average of 15 years of experience per underwriter, Burnham’s in-house underwriting department gives us a unique advantage over many other benefits consultants. Our underwriters perform critical analyses including:

  • Renewal Evaluations
    • Analysis of plan history to determine future budget
    • Proper adjustment of reserves
    • Determination of incremental cost impact for plan changes
    • Stop loss analysis
  • Quarterly Renewal Projections
  • Annual Medical Carrier Trend Studies
  • Contribution Modeling
  • IBNR Reserve Determination