Employee Call Center

Give employees direct access to help with our Burnham Advocate Call Center

The Burnham Advocate Call Center eliminates frustration and encourages proper use of your benefit plans by giving you a dedicated, single source contact for all insurance-related matters.

Advantages for Employees

The Burnham Advocate Call Center will provide your employees with fast, skilled assistance from a benefits professional who will provide you solutions to common issues that employees may face when utilizing their insurance plans. All assistance is provided in a discreet, professional and supportive manner.

Call Center Advantages for Employees: On-line enrollment questions,
Referral assistance and claims management, General benefits questions

Advantages for Employers

In addition to the many benefits that employees assume, there are a number of administrative benefits as well:

  • Utilization reports
  • Employee confidentiality/HIPAA compliance
  • Trend identification in order to troubleshoot benefit trouble areas
  • Frees up HR to focus on strategic planning

The Burnham Advocate Call Center is a special service that puts highly qualified professionals in the position to help employees and HR managers head off small insurance problems – before they become big ones. This can result in greater employee satisfaction, a better understanding of utilization patterns, and ultimately a savings in time and potentially costs. Accordingly, additional costs may apply for this highly valuable service. Check with your Burnham account representative to learn details.