The PEAR Square One for corporate wellness – like having a personal trainer for every employee.

Burnham Benefits is pleased to be the only Southern California employee benefits consultant with the exclusive rights to offer PEAR Square One technology for employee wellness. The PEAR Square One, from PEAR Sports, LLC, is an audio-based fitness coaching and training system that puts a personalized twist on employee wellness.

The PEAR Square One includes a wireless heart-rate sensor, foot pod and sport earphones that work together to deliver real-time audio coaching and on-demand audio stats based on how the body is responding to the workout. It also infuses users’ favorite music seamlessly into the coaching cues.

The system makes it easy for employees to exercise in their optimal heart rate zone and maximize the fitness benefits of their workout.

Getting Started

Employers committed to cutting-edge employee wellness solutions can bundle online set-up, implementation and support, a basic reporting package and an initial overview from the Burnham Benefits and PEAR teams. The total program is affordable and effective, and it can be used alone or in conjunction with other employee wellness programs offered by Burnham Benefits, a leading employee consultant in the Southern California market.

Employees using the PEAR Square One begin with an assessment workout prior to starting a specific plan. The assessment phase reads data on heart rate zones during a moderate 20-minute workout, then calibrates the system to choose appropriate workouts. PEAR provides hundreds of personalized training plans and workouts designed by a team of world-class coaches. The PEAR system gives each program member access to expert coaching 24 hours a day.

Gadgets have taken over day-to-day life, which makes PEAR a fitness solution that really drives engagement. It is an easy answer for the growing number of employers asking for solutions that increase participation and focus on physical activity. Because it is customized for the user’s fitness level, employers can ensure that their wellness programs aren’t pushing employees too hard. The system tells users when to pick up the pace and when they should slow down because their heart rates are too high.

Does it Work?

At Burnham Benefits, we like to practice what we preach, especially when it comes to our own internal wellness program for Burnham employees.

We tested PEAR technology as part of our Burnham Benefits/Burnham Gibson PEAR Sport Fitness and Wellness Challenge, a 16-week program that placed our own wellness program in competition with that of our partner company Burnham Gibson Wealth Advisors. The 20 employees who participated for the duration of the program lost a total of 197 pounds, burned 827,529 calories and decreased average BMI from 27.1 to 25.34.

Many employees at both companies say they are looking forward to participating in the next challenge. And why not, when it was so much fun? Along the way, employees who met small goals were rewarded with gift certificates for healthy smoothies and stylish workout apparel. The winner of the challenge was the employee who earned the most points based on frequency of workouts, diversity of workouts and workout intensity. The prize? A five-night Maui vacation.

Our fitness challenge also helped gather valuable benchmarking data and has served as a prototype for additional fitness challenges designed to support our clients’ wellness programs. Contact your Burnham Benefits representative to learn more about this exciting new technology.

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