Leading the way to wellness

Burnham’s highly developed wellness plans are geared toward helping employees make healthy lifestyle changes. Such changes can help turn the tide on the rising cost of health care at your organization, while also generating substantial ROI.

Planning & Services

Using our defined planning process, Burnham will develop a program that speaks to your company’s unique needs. As part of our strategic approach to wellness, we will:

  • Assess organizational/individual risks and identify strategies that will mitigate those risks
  • Engage your employees to ensure a successful launch and sustained momentum
  • Develop a culture of health awareness and accountability through organizational alignment
  • Measure and evaluate outcomes to improve your plan year over year

This approach leads to healthier employees, and ultimately a healthier and more productive organization.

Program Design

The design of your wellness program should target the needs of your employees and meet the vision of your organization. Every wellness program is different. Here are some examples of what the components of your program could be:

PEAR Wellness

In addition, Burnham Benefits is the only employee benefits consultant with exclusive rights to market the new PEAR Square One technology, an audio-based fitness coaching and training system. Burnham Benefits and partner organization Burnham Gibson Wealth Advisors have used this system with their very own employees to achieve impressive fitness results.