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Beyond Benefits: Tips Learned and Shared at SAHRA 2019

On September 17th and 18th, Burnham had the pleasure of not only attending the Sacramento Area Human Resource Association’s 2019 conference, but one of our very own Vice Presidents, Tina Koenig, was an event speaker. Tina led a powerful discussion on “Tips, Trends, and Transparency: Creating a Competitive Employee Benefits Program”, sharing her expert insight into the world of well-crafted employee benefits solutions. We caught up with Tina and today she shares her tips learned and shared at the SAHRA 2019 conference.

SAHRA 2019 Speaker Tina Koenig


Why did you feel the subject of creating a competitive benefits program was crucial to cover at SAHRA 2019? 

Employers are continuing to face double-digit increases and urgently need solutions beyond just increasing deductibles or contributions. Designing a competitive and strategic benefits program remains a top differentiator when it comes to attracting and retaining employees. Employers need to figure out what benefits are attracting employees. My session explored different benefits they can increase the value of their benefits. For example, student loan refinancing or funding.  

How were you able to show Burnham’s approach to solutions for this specific issue?

The presentation showed employers some new ideas to help them lower the cost trend in their program. I also explored “tips” for their programs that already exist. Topics like taxation of long term disability and a simple change you could make to bring significant value to employees.

Any interesting insight you gained at the conference that you’d like to share?

Sacramento HR professionals are expected to be their companies experts on so many topics from employee benefits to employment law.  It is a lot for them to take on, usually with limited staffing. 

Were there any speakers or topics that made a particular impact on you?

I sat in on Dawn Capp’s presentation on employment law issues and found that to be really informative! Her discussion covered how the HR arena has changed over the years from being considered more of an administrative function to now being a legal and business partner. And how good HR professionals should have a grasp of legal issues in order to be truly successful.


Overall, how was your experience at SAHRA 2019?

SAHRA is a conference that recognizes the value of the vendors that participate and encourages interaction. That is very hard to come by and so we greatly appreciate the professionalism and opportunities that come from attending SAHRA!

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