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Zapped? The reason the vast majority of us are feeling tapped out is that we are experiencing physical and soul fatigue simultaneously.

Lack of sleep, intense mental stimulation from news coverage, along with the combination of adrenaline, cortisol, and other hormones coursing through our bodies during all the unrest takes an immense energy toll.

5 Quick, Easy & Helpful Energy Tips to Replenish Energy:

🌞 Go outside, look up to the sky, and allow the sun to shine on your face. The radiant sun can help literally brighten your day and refresh your energy.

🌳 Explore, walk and hike in natural areas to help refuel. Take a moment away from your normal routine to take in deep breaths and listen to the wind whistling through the trees.

👣 Allow the energy of the earth to ground you. During your first few steps on your walk, affirm “I am full of positive energy and fully supported with energy every step I take.”

😴 Give yourself permission to sleep, nap and meditate. We often attempt to power through, instead of power down which depletes more energy. Turn your brain off and allow it to rest.

🗣 Turn off the noise. Turn off your phone, avoid the news for a period of time, and negative people/posts/videos on social media.

There are two
Types of tired,
I suppose

One is a dire need of sleep
The other is a dire need of peace

Authored by Angie Krause, who is is a Global Leadership Consultant, Coach, Presenter, Facilitator, Powerful Intuitive & Positive Champion for Global Leaders. She serves top-level CEO’s, Global Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs & Dignitaries across the world. Angie is committed to helping you BE the Global Leader you were born to be.

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