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B Healthy Insurance Captive
By Burnham

Healthcare expenses continue to rise, and both employers and employees are left to cover the costs. As a community of companies that care deeply for their employees and company culture, B Corps came together to offer other B Corps a better way to provide medical coverage to their number one asset. B Healthy is a long-term healthcare insurance solution for small to mid-sized employers.

B Healthy is an exclusive medical insurance captive and alternative to traditional medical insurance offered to employees – created by and for B Corps. Medical insurance captives are not new, but B Healthy is the first of its kind. B Healthy allows for group purchasing of stop loss insurance through a captive insurance program owned by B Corps.

B Healthy provides:

  • Partnership and collaboration with B Corps
  • Savings through group purchasing of stop loss insurance and the ability to self-insure
  • Healthcare cost transparency
  • Program and plan design control
  • Network of choice
  • Stability and risk mitigation in bad years

Burnham Benefits, a member of the B Corp community since 2015, oversees B Healthy and provides full-service employee benefits consulting for B Healthy members.

What is a medical insurance captive?

A medical insurance captive allows companies with self-insured medical plans to collectively purchase stop loss insurance, which protects employers from high-cost claims. Employers may have difficulty acquiring competitively priced stop loss insurance or may experience significant stop loss premium increases from year to year. Captives can eliminate these struggles by insuring more people under a single stop loss policy.

Are you a fit?

If the following questions resonate with you and you would like to learn more, contact us at bhealthy@burnhambenefits.com. Burnham Benefits’ consultants are here to help you determine if B Healthy is right for you.

  • Do you have more than 50 enrolled employees in your medical program?
  • Are you tired of traditional insurance renewal cycles and double-digit increases year-over-year?
  • Do you desire greater control?
  • Do you desire stop loss premium stability in an otherwise volatile market?
  • Do you want to be part of a community that aims to improve the health and well-being of their employees?


Fors Marsh Group, B Corp
B Healthy visionary and founding member
Burnham Benefits, B Corp
Benefits and captive consultant
Ventegra, B Corp
Pharmacy services administrator
Innovative Captive Strategies
Captive manager