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Using Carrier Wellness Dollars
By Burnham
Spending Wellness Dollars

Author: Cathy Rodriguez, Benefits and Wellness Consultant & The Wellness Team

Using Carrier Wellness Dollars

Are you struggling with how to spend your carrier wellness dollars? Not to worry. We got you! Ultimately, allocating wellness funds in a way that aligns with your corporate culture and health and well-being will impact employee experience. Here are a few ideas based on what other Burnham clients are doing:


  • Provide access to a mindfulness app for all employees
  • Provide access to therapy visits through an Employee Assistance Program
  • Add an additional layer of access to mental health visits through third-party solution, including video, phone, and text message therapy treatments
  • Web and mobile based care plans, real-time coaching, and video therapy


  • Provide ID Theft protection to all employees and their families
  • Health coaches/counselors/financial planning resources
  • Student debt reduction program


  • Physical activity challenge (walking or steps challenge)\
  • Membership fees to gym, fitness, or weight loss app
  • Virtual (or in person) classes (stretching/yoga, meditation, core & body conditioning)
  • Healthy cooking classes


  • Team building events
  • Family based wellness challenge
  • Volunteer opportunities during worktime
  • Diversity and inclusion training
  • Social Experiential Demos (paint and wine, succulent building, and more)


  • Recycle – provide water bottles to employees
  • Workspace ergonomics
  • Earth Day Celebration
  • Garden Challenge
  • Education on Composting


  • Healthy cooking classes
  • Childcare/eldercare resources


  • Lunch and learns
  • Life Skills Training (time management, communication, etc.)
  • Book Club or Brain Game Apps

Don’t forget to also check with your carrier. They each have a guide or list of eligible expenses that qualify for your fund reimbursement. Please note, some insurance carriers require they approve of the expense in advance.

A few things to note: Consider offering variety to ensure your wellness fund is inclusive of all your employees’ interests and needs. Be sure to give focus to initiatives that will attract and retain employees and will motivate them and their families to make healthier choices!

Let’s Find Solutions

To evaluate what benefits strategy is best for your employee population, reach out to your Burnham team for any questions or email us at inquiries@burnhambenefits.com.


Cathy Rodriguez & The Wellness Team
Benefits and Wellness Consultant