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Wellness Challenges for New Year’s Resolutions
By Burnham
Wellness Challenges

Author: Julie Johnson, Account Executive & The Wellness Team


Wellness Challenges for New Year’s Resolutions

It’s another new year, and some of us are still considering what resolutions to make. Don’t fret, take your time in setting thoughtful intentions throughout the entire year. According to research conducted by statista.com the most common resolutions for 2021 was to exercise more, lose weight and save more money. It’s no surprise that these resolutions already align with companies’ wellness program goals. Take this opportunity to support your employees’ wellness goals with your companies’ wellness programs.

Highlight Current Program Offerings

This is a great opportunity to promote your company’s current wellness program and highlight specific topics that employees will identify with. If you don’t have a wellness program, this is a great time to survey your employees to identify wellness programs and topics that your employees are interested in.

Wellness Challenges

There is usually a sense of renewed energy in the new year so ride the coattails of the anticipation and excitement and kick-off a wellness challenge. Pick challenge themes that align with employees’ new year’s resolutions as well as the companies’ goals. Work with your wellness consultants to think outside the box so that workplace challenges are creative and set up in non-conventional ways where everyone feels supported and the winners are not necessarily the same top performers. If you need a little inspiration, the below list of ideas may be a good place to start:

  • Physical activity challenges – New Year, New You; Maintain Don’t Gain, Biggest Loser, Shake the Sugar
  • Nutrition challenges – Cook More, Meatless Mondays, Drink More Green Tea
  • Environmental challenges – Plant A New Tree, New Garden Challenge
  • Mental & Social challenges – Spend more time with loved ones, Digital Detox, Gratitude Challenge, Achieving Family Balance, Reflect and Recharge

Having a wellness challenge may also create opportunities for a grassroots wellness champion network as well as opportunities for powerful employee testimonials to be used throughout the year. Happy Planning!


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Julie Johnson & The Wellness Team
Account Executive